"And Now A Word From Our Sponsor" drabbles by Christopher

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Generals and Majors, Uh-huh

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #45

The following is a paid political advertisement to elect General Panic:

"Ten-hut! General Panic here. After a lifetime of waging needless wars all over the globe I've come back to throw my hat in the ring for president. My running mate, Major Catastrophe, and I have roamed the length and breadth of this great land and we've learned something: Americans are motivated by fear! So it's my job to scare the utter hell outta you so you'll vote for me!

"Remember, a vote for General Panic will be a Major Catastrophe!

"I'm General Panic and I approved this message."

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And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #44

Here's political pundit Flip Flopper to speak for Ballots.org:

"Voting used to be a real drag. You had to stand in line to register, then stand in line to vote. Worst of all, you could only vote once. Now, thanks to a virus from China, we're making voting a snap. Log-on to Ballots.org, print out a ballot, fill it out in your home with zero supervision, and send it to us in the mail.

"A lot of corrupt politicians gave their central nervous systems to give you the right to vote as many times as your conscience lets you!"

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Ivory Towers

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #43

Now here's New York socialite Ivy League to speak for Ivory Towers Condominiums...

"Darlings, hello! Are you tired of dealing with the ghastly unwashed masses while being chauffeured from your penthouse to the country club? Tired of wading through the proletariat to eat at that five-star restaurant?

"Well, darlings, now you don't have to! The newly opened Ivory Towers is just the place for you. A high-rise featuring everything that you need to live a pretentious life without ever even leaving the building.

"Remember, once you're in your own Ivory Tower you'll never want to come down again!"

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Dr. Fukup

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #42

Now here's Dr. Ima Fukup, star of the brand new Sux TV reality series Therapy With Fukup...

"Herro. Due to flivorous marplactice suit I no ronger able to continue psychorogy plactice in the U.S.

"So, I had two choices: leturn to a-Japan or become leality TV star, where medical ricense not lequired.

"Which means you can-a now find me on evely Sunday night on a-Sux TV in my new show Therapy With Fukup, where I continue to help sclewed up people such as youself.

"So, join-a me this Sunday night on Sux TV. No appointment necessaly!"

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Grammar Police

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #41

Tonight on Sux TV:

A hard-hitting look at life on the streets for the Grammar Police...

"Freeze, punk! Drop that smartphone!"

"Hey, man, I'se just postin' sumthin' on Twitta! I didn't do nothin'!"

"That's a double negative, pal. Didn't do nothing means you did do something! We've got the evidence: syntax and punctuation errors, dangling modifiers, sentence fragments. You're under arrest."

Ride with the real Grammar Police as they cruise the mean streets of the information superhighway...

"Yeah, we'll take him downtown and book him tonight and tomorrow he'll be right back on social media ending sentences with prepositions."

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Mafia Gum

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #40

Now here's gangster Anthony "Lead Pipe" Gomma to speak for Mafia Gum:

"Hey...youse chew gum? Well, if youse chew gum then youse chew Mafia Gum. It's good for ya teeth. Youse don't chew Mafia Gum...and well... bad things could happen to ya teeth...capisce? Chewin' Mafia Gum helps ya keep ya teeth healthy. Youse don't chew it and I can't guarantee that something bad won't happen to ya teeth. Four outta five dentists recommend chewin' Mafia Gum. And that fifth dentist? Heh, well, he ain't in no position to recommend nuttin' ta nobody no more!

"Rememba, chew Mafia Gum... Or else!"

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And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #39

Now here's spokesman Fred Flawed for Recall.com:

"Ever wonder where all those recalled products wind up? Well, wonder no more. We have them all in our giant warehouse at Recall.com and we're ready to pass the savings on to you! If you're looking to save a crapload of money, and you don't mind risking your life in the process, then we're the place for you! We have thousands of defective and dangerous products at rock bottom prices. Log on to Recall.com and start shopping!"

Not available in CA, NY or any other state that gives a damn about consumer safety.

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And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #38

Now here's Stoney Spliff with a word for Cannabliss...

"Hey, babies...Stoney Spliff here... Do ya ever...get, uh, like tired of rolling up doobies? Do you wish...you didn't have to expend the limited energy you have on...making your own joints? Well, let me tell you, babies, the fine folks at Ganja Breweries have got ya covered. Now, getting lit is as easy as popping the top on a Cannabliss. Yeah, babies, Cannabliss is the new beer with that special ingredient...more THC than the combined bloodstreams of everyone at Woodstock.

"So weed out the competition and get the straight dope on Cannabliss."

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Pathological Liars Convention

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #37

Hello, Johnny Fibber here, president of the Pathological Liars Club. We're holding our annual convention this year at the Playboy Mansion. Entertainment will be a supergroup consisting of all the surviving members of The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd. And The Rolling Stones will open the show playing the entire Sticky Fingers album backwards.

Also, door prizes will be given away to several lucky attendees, including a BMW, a nuclear submarine, the Hope Diamond, and a grand prize of one billion dollars. Prizes will be awarded by a topless Dolly Parton.

Tickets are $1,000.00. Get 'em while they last.

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Schlock Comedian's School (2/2)

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #36

"Since you can't do ethnic humor, religious jokes, midget jokes, cripple jokes or anything else that's actually funny, we'll show you proven gags from the early days of Vaudeville: pratfalls, spit takes, walking down stairs that aren't there, anything you can do to tickle someone's funny bone without raising their ire.

"You know, being a comedian's hard when the unwashed masses take everything out of context and look for something to be offended by. So either go to the Schlock Comedian's School or become a mortician. Either way your clientele are a bunch of stiffs!"


"Thank you."

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Schlock Comedian's School (1/2)

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #36

Now here's a word from antique jokester Hammond Rye for the Schlock Comedian's School:

"Howareya, howareya, howareya?! Hammond Rye here, speaking for my cousin Hammond Wholewheat! Can I get a rimshot here?"


"Thank you. I've just flown in from Pittsburgh and, boy, are my arms tired!"


"Thank you. Here at the Schlock Comedian's School we'll teach you everything we know. Semesters last about five minutes!"


"Thank you. In the modern age of everyone being offended by everything, we'll teach you to be a comedian in the classic sense of the word..."

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Censored: The Movie

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #35

The following preview is approved for ***** audiences...

***** Pictures presents an exposé about **** and the dangers of ****. You'll **** on the edge of your **** as you walk the line between **** and ****. Never has a picture revealed **** in such a way. This **** film will shock you to your very ****.

Filmed on location in **** and featuring the music of ****.

Based on the novel **** by noted author **** and starring ****, ****, and introducing **** as the ****.

Rated ****. Starts **** at a **** near you. Check **** for details.

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Gender Confusion

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #34

Coming up tonight on Sux TV:

The season premiere of everyone's favorite game show Gender Confusion!

Join host Herma Frodite as she... I mean he... I mean they try to fool this week's contestants.

Is that burly voice coming from behind door number one a man's or a woman's?

Is that shapely leg sticking out from behind curtain number two attached to a woman's body... or a man's?

Make it to the final round and you'll go head-to-head against everyone's favorite gender fluid geriatric: Granny Tranny!

All that and more tonight on the season premiere of Gender Confusion!

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And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #33

Against abortion? Against people who are against abortion? Against gun control? Against people who are against gun control? Do you hate the other political party with such vehemence you could whip up an angry crowd into horrid acts of mindless violence?

Now you don't have to! Call Rent-A-Mob! We employ thousands of ex-cons who are pros at rousing the rabble. They come complete with their own vegetables to throw, and picket signs custom-made to fit your agenda, no matter how whacko it may be.

Don't send amateurs to incite a riot. Call Rent-A-Mob instead!

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And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #32

Here's adult film star Rod Steele...

"Ladies, are you tired of wasting time in bars and online dating sites searching for that perfect man? Convinced he doesn't exist? Then order him!

"One virtual trip to E-Male and you can customize your perfect man: personality, hair, eyes...and other body parts!

"Just log on and start building your perfect man today. All you need is $129.99, a 3-D printer and a wish list of attributes and you're ready to receive your soul mate, delivered right to your inbox. Then just print and have fun!

"E-Male. A very special delivery!"

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Demon Cop

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #31

Pentagram Pictures proudly presents...

"Damian Gehenna was an honest cop in a dishonest precinct. After being set up to take the fall by his crooked superiors, he hung himself in his cell. But that wasn't the end. It was only the beginning.

"After a demon inhabits Damian's body he sets about systematically eliminating those who did him wrong in the most elaborate and disgusting ways.

"Starring Jack Dullard as Damian, Candy Slutstack as Hannah the Hooker, and introducing rapper Lil Hemmroyd as the voice of the demon.

"Demon Cop.....Possession is 9/10 of the law!"

This film is not yet raided.

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Fairway To Heaven

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #30

Here's golfer extraordinaire Bogey Divot:

"Tired of feeling guilty on Sunday about skipping church to hit the links? Worried about the ball of your soul once it drops in that big tin cup in the sky? Now you can combine your two favorite pastimes, God and golf, at Fairway To Heaven, everyone's favorite golf resort and megachurch!

"Our caddies are not only licensed golf pros but are also theological graduates. All denominations welcome. They'll even turn a deaf ear to your incessant cursing after a bad shot!

"Don't let guilt be your albatross, score a birdie at Fairway To Heaven!"

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New York Strips

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #29

Now here's a word from Chuck Steaks, proprietor of NYC's premier nudie bar and steakhouse:

"Is dere any place on oith where a man can still feel like a man? You bet yer sweet ass, dere is! Right here at New York Strips, where men can enjoy dere two favorite pastimes: eating meat and watching naked women dance! Dat's right, but keep yer hands on the meat and off de ladies. Or our bouncer Angus Beef will toss you out on your rump roast! Plan your next vacation to the Big Apple by including a stop at New York Strips!"

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The O'Schitt Brothers Reunion Tour

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #28

Everyone's favorite 70's singing group is back for a family reunion tour!

Yes, the O'Schitt Brothers, Piece, Full, Crock and Pile are back on speaking terms, and thanks to the high cost of divorces, alimony, medical bills and rehab centers have agreed to put their many differences behind them and hit the road one more time!

Come join them for an evening of hits, including "I Hope You Burn In Hell You Two-Timing Bitch" and "You Broke My Heart (But I Broke Your Hymen)."

Also includes an appearance from their singing sister Bunch!

Don't dare miss this spectacle O'Schitt!

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Grand Theft Otto

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #27

We'll be back to our afternoon movie, Hercules vs The Roller Derby Queens, after a short message from Otto's Used Autos:

"Greetings, freunde, Otto Bahn here. If you are looking for a dependable car at a price you can afford...you should probably look somevere else. Haha! Ein kleiner witz, freunde!

Seriously, ve have cars of every make and model here at Otto's Used Autos with more arriving nächtlich. Because of our low overhead, ve must move zese vehicles qvuickly, especially before any polizei come snooping around. Auf wiedersehen!"

Join us again tomorrow for The Giant Clam That Ate Phyllis Diller.