Drabble Books

Drabble flash fiction story-telling has been around since the 1980's, but the resurgence that started in 2013 has seen them take off in a big way. Mix that in with the rise of self-publishing and I guess it was inevitable that we'd start seeing drabble book compilations appear.

There's a few drabble books around but on this page I'd like to showcase those books released by our very own drablrs.

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Skaggerston: Cesspit of the North

Skaggerston: Cesspit of the North

P.T. Muscutt (zombiekiller)

Although not a book of drabbles itself, it is a work derived from the many drabbles that Peter has posted here on Drablr, and is worthy of a little promotion.

Thinking of visiting Skaggerston for a short break or "stay-cation"? Don't. Just don't.

If that warning doesn't put you off, then this comprehensive guide-book on the town, its complete lack of morality, respect, sanity or public toilets will. Learn the history of Skaggerston, the town voted the 'Most Deserving To Be Destroyed In A Thermo-Nuclear Explosion 2003'; reel in terror at the amount of pubs that require drinkers to be armed before being permitted entry; shudder at the thought of the meagre (and very surreal) supermarkets that ban products with holes in and wallow in sanity-shrivelling amazement at The Site of the Former (Alleged) Disappearing House and it's rather unhealthy obsession with the music of Mike Oldfield.

Skaggerston - described variously as a condom floating in a cesspit of depravity and poverty. A seaside town without a seaside. Somewhere that makes East Jaywick look positively appealing.

If Chris Rea sang about 'The Road to Hell', then he was probably heading for Skaggerston.

100 One Hundred Word Tales

100 One Hundred Word Tales

Jonathan Hill (jhillwriter)

In this collection, perfect for dipping into in a spare moment, you'll experience the full gamut of emotions, amusing and shocking twists, several mini-series of drabbles, and a surprise or two along the way.

Shortly after I'd created Drablr.com I found out that Jonathan was preparing to release his first book of drabbles. As part of his promotions he posted a few entries from the book here on Drablr, so I knew he was writing some excellent drabbles. 100 One Hundred Word Tales certainly doesn’t disappoint.

He is a master of the form, many of the finest drabbles are structured like a good job, they set you up and then twist the tale right at the end.

Michael Brookes
Beyond 100 Drabbles

Beyond 100 Drabbles

Jonathan Hill (jhillwriter) & Kath Middleton (ignite)

'Beyond 100 Drabbles' features 120 new miniature works...in a collection that demonstrates the indisputable power of this popular flash fiction form. The authors cover a plethora of genres and even take the drabble one step further by interacting in a series of ‘challenge drabbles’. The stories are ideal for reading back to back, or individually in spare moments. The question is, can you stop at just one?

After reading Jonathan's first book of drabble fiction I was eager to get my hands on this new release, especially after finding out that Kath was going to be collaborating with him — I'm also a big fan of Kath's drabbles — and I have to say, there isn’t a bad drabble in the whole book!

I would highly recommend this book to anyone, but especially those who love a bit of variety in their reading. You will experience every emotion going as you work your way through the book, and I can't wait to read more by both authors.

The Random Drabblings of a Madman

Jason is the first North American author that I know to have released a book of drabbles, and one of the few that are writing on Drablr. From his very first drabble I've been a fan of Jason's stories, so it was a great news when I found out he'd released an ebook compilation of his drabbles. From the outset Jason knew what made a good drabble story and even when he isn't writing classic drabbles, the quality of his writing makes each story a pleasure to read.

Drabbles ’n’ Shorts

Drabbles ’n’ Shorts

Rick Haynes (rick)

Rick is our fourth drablr to release a book of drabbles, however, this one is slightly different; not only do you get 50 drabbles, but they are interspersed with a number of short stories, three of which are expansions on one of his drabbles.

One of my ideas for drablr was to allow authors to expand on a drabble storyline to create a longer work, and with his Drabble ’n’ Shorts, Rick has proven that this idea really works. The mix of both drabbles and short fiction creates a thoroughly enjoyable read. Here is the official blurb for the book;

Welcome to my world of Drabbles and Short Stories. My anthology of short fiction is certain to entertain you with its diverse range of genres.

Some will make you smile!
Some will make you sad!
Some will make you think!
Some will make you blink!
But all will keep you interested, for there is something for everyone!

There certainly is something for everyone.

100 Nightmares

100 Nightmares

K. Z. Morano (kzmorano)

100 Nightmares by K.Z. Morano is a collection of 100 horror stories, each written in exactly 100 words, and accompanied by over 50 illustrations. Inside, you’ll find monsters—both imagined and real. There are vengeful specters, characters with impaired psyches, dark fairy tales and stories and illustrations inspired by bizarre creatures of Japanese folklore.

Here A Drabble, There A Drabble...

Contained within this book is a collection of 40 flash fiction stories know as 'drabbles'. The subject matter of the included drabbles varies from the humorous, to the macabre, and strange. There's sure to be something for everyone!

Go ahead and dive into the world of drabbling; you won't regret it!

Paradox Lost

Paradox Lost

Chris Walker (cwalker)

Locked in a quantum prison with his own dead body, will he repent?

How far must a doctor go to stop a lethal virus from killing everyone in her colony?

What happens when a pleasure bot accidentally achieves sentience?

And why won't the world president reveal the message that he has received from the future?

A rich, sprawling collection of micro-stories known as drabbles; one hundred sublime morsels each of exactly 100 words. A bubbling pot of science and speculative fiction with a generous helping of horror and a dash of fantasy. But be warned: dark and disturbing tales lie within - for mature readers only.

Be instantly transported to a hundred different worlds...

The Skaggerston Nightmares

The Skaggerston Nightmares

P.T. Muscutt (zombiekiller), John Judge

Skaggerston. A used condom floating in the cesspit of the North. A seaside town without a seaside. A town where snipers prevent people absconding, where zombie outbreaks are commonplace, and where cannibalism is an acceptable pastime. Come to Skaggerston. You won't regret it. Much.

Sand Castles: 30 Drabbles

Sand Castles: 30 Drabbles

Tyler Rebik (tylerrebik)

In this collection, there are 30 fun stories and thoughts, comprised of humor, memory, horror, drama, romance, and much, much more. Plenty of moments to read and reflect upon while you wait in line or can't sleep.