"And Now A Word From Our Sponsor" drabbles by Christopher

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Grinn and Barrett

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #21

Reuniting for a special engagement, it's everyone's favorite comedy team from the 1950's....Grinn and Barrett! Yes, the comedic legends are back together again for a 10-night stand at Seizure's Palace in glamorous Lost Wages, Nevada!

Bill Grinn, 93, and Stan Barrett, 91, are poised and ready to unleash their outdated and severely politically incorrect comedy on the modern world. Classic routines like "Jews on First" and "Manual Labor was a Mexican" will be sure to raise an inappropriate smile.

Reserve your tickets today, because these old dinosaurs may not be around tomorrow!

And be sure to Grinn and Barrett!

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Serf City

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #20

Here's a word from Serf City...

"Let's go serfing now
Everybody's learning how
Come on a safari with meeee!"

"It's a serfing safari at everyone's favorite Middle Ages theme park dedicated to preserving feudalism! Live life the medieval way at Serf City! Thrill at the futility of life while enjoying institutionalized slavery! Eke out a meager existence while toiling in the fields for the lord of the manor! Harvest crops, dig ditches, and repair fences all while enjoying the yoke of bondage! All of this and much more can be yours with a purchase of a ticket to Serf City!"

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The Bait-And-Switch Market

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #19

"Hey, friends. Will Conya here, manager of the Bait-And-Switch Market. Seen our advertisement in the Sunday paper offering prime rib at 49¢ a pound? Well, we're fresh outta that but we have prime emu meat that's every bit as good and only slightly more at $3.68 an ounce.

"That 4k LED Smart TV? Well, they didn't come in on the truck, but we have a 13" black-and-white television set you'll love, and only costs a smidgen more than the smart TV.

"Take a ride down to Bait-And-Switch Market and get taken for a ride!"

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It's Tanfastic!

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #18

And now here's a word from the fine folks at It's Tanfastic!:

"Greetings, all you pasty chalk sticks! I'm Tawny Chestnut, owner of the It's Tanfastic! chain of tanning salons. If you want a tan really fast, and you don't care what it's doing to your insides, then come on down and hop in one of our state-of-the-art microwave tanning beds. We tan you so deep even your soul turns a darker shade.

"Ignore all the warnings by the FDA, the AMA, and your own common sense and get the tan you've always wanted.

"Remember, It's Tanfastic!"

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Disappearing Inc.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #17

Are you being hounded by creditors? Are you wanted by the law? Do you have a spouse and kids that annoy the hell out of you? Or do you just need some "me" time?

Hello. Van Ish here, CEO of Disappearing Inc. If you wanna go off the grid and you have an assload of money to pay for it, we can help you.

Our staff is skilled at erasing any trace that you ever existed, and will provide you with a new identity that's harder to crack than a diamond walnut encased in steel.

Contact us today
@ disappearinginc.com

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Brimstone Coffee

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #16

Tom: Welcome to Hell, kid. Just arrived?

John: Yep.

(A demon hands John a cup of coffee)

John: (disgustedly) Geez! What's that smell?

(Looks down and sees he's standing knee-deep in muck)

Tom: It's manure, kid. Have some of your Brimstone Coffee.

John: (looking into the cup) It's yellow!

Tom: Whaddya expect, kid? It's sulfur.

(Fifteen minutes later)

John: You know, the java isn't too good, but standing around knee-deep in manure drinking coffee for all eternity isn't so bad. I could think of worse.

(The Devil walks up)

Devil: Coffee break's over. Everyone back on their heads.

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"Lifestyles..." Promo

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #15

Next time on "Lifestyles of the Stupidly Rich & Undeservedly Famous":

Join me, Cash Bankroll, as we take a hard-hitting look at international celebrity Candy Slutstack, spokesbimbo for Lipschitz Lipstick, and all-around waste of good oxygen. Candy slept her way to the top, and has spent more time on her back than a paraplegic. She parlayed that into an acting role, if you want to call it that, on the hit Sux TV Network series "Chip Nayle, Office Lackey."

Bold, brash, trashy. Candy Slutstack in a nutshell. Next time on Lifestyles of the Stupidly Rich & Undeservedly Famous.

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And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #14

Now a word from the good folks at your neighborhood Psychedelicatessen:

"Dig, brothers and sisters, it's Moonbeam McStardust here, manager of the Psychedelicatessen. Stop in for breakfast and try our Psilocybin Sausage Biscuit with a side order of Hashish Browns. Or join us for lunch and try a tasty new LSD BLT. Or everyone's favorite Pot Dogs with relish. Or go for a little Eastern enlightenment with our Swami Salami Sandwich. Sample our menu today at the Psychedelicatessen!"

Take Clear Light Avenue to the corner of Third and Bardo.

Psychedelicatessen. Tripping the city out, one cold cut at a time!

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Sux TV Fall Schedule

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #13

New shows coming to Sux:

8:00 Brotherly Love: a new talk show with your host Phil Adelphia.

7:00 Pillow Talk: a sexy new series starring Polly Ester.

8:00 Kiss My Ass: a tender drama about a man who falls in love with a donkey. Starring Harry Bawls and Patches the Donkey.

9:00 Little Fists of Fury: the very best of midget kung fu cinema.

And all of your returning favorites, including The Angry Eskimo, Chip Nayle-Office Lackey, My Three Nuns, DIY Tattooing and more! Don't miss a single episode!

Remember, this fall TV really Sux!

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Phuck University

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #12

And now here's a word from the fine folks at Phuck University:

"Hello, potential students. I'm Harry Screwbottom, Dean of Phuck University. You know, it's a sad day when a college graduate can't even get a job slinging burgers at an artery-clogging fast food joint. Here at Phuck University, you pay very little tuition while jerking around and earning a degree. Give us a call at 1-800-PHUCK-OFF and start building your mediocre future today."

"Remember, there's no better feeling in the world when someone asks what college you attended than to proudly say, 'Phuck U!' "

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Do-It-Yourself Tattooing

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #11

Tonight on the Sux TV Network:

"Cowabunga, dudes and dudettes! Ink Floyd here inviting you to another totally tubular episode of Do-It-Yourself Tattooing. As you recall, last week I showed you how to tattoo a man surfing out of your belly button. Next time, I'll show you how to tattoo a gnarly wave on your buttcheeks backward while looking in a mirror. Catch the wave on Do-It-Yourself Tattooing!"

"Do-It-Yourself Tattooing" tonight at 7:00. At 7:30, the convent will never be the same after another hilarious episode of "My Three Nuns."

Tonight on Sux TV.

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Crazy Larry's Discount Mortuary

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #10

Bereave it or not, we're having a sale that's to die for at Crazy Larry's Discount Mortuary! Hi, Larry Kadaver here, owner and head mortician at Crazy Larry's. You'll croak when you see how low we've slashed prices on coffins. And you'll go positively stiff when you see the super low price on embalming. And we've got a headstone down here with your name on it!

People all over are dying to experience the services we provide at Crazy Larry's Discount Mortuary!

Centrally located downtown at the corner of Eulogy and Pallbearer.

Come see us at Crazy Larry's Discount Mortuary!

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Pit Stop Deodorant

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #9

Now here's NASCAR driver extraordinaire Rusty Mufflers to speak for Pit Stop Deodorant:

"Yeehaw! Man, there's nothing like driving one of them there stock cars in concentric circles for five hours along with several dozen other rednecks. But the inside of that car gets so hot you start sweatin' like a whore on Judgment Day. That's why I use Pit Stop Deodorant. Extensive tests were conducted using baboons in the wilds of Africa. And if it's good enough for a baboon, it's good enough for ole' Rusty Mufflers. Remember, when your underarms need repair, it's time for a Pit Stop!"

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Chip Nayle, Office Lackey

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #8

Coming up tonight on Sux TV:

The season premiere of Chip Nayle, Office Lackey. In an action-packed and powerful episode, Chip encounters sick co-workers, a printer that's on the blink, and an empty box of rubber bands all the while dealing with a nasty paper cut.

Starring Jack Dullard as Chip Nayle, Candy Slutstack as Mona Heaves, and Brick Mason as The Boss.

Followed by:

Frozen in his extremities but hot under the collar, it's The Angry Eskimo.

That's Chip Nayle, Office Lackey and The Angry Eskimo starting at 8/7 Central tonight, only on the Sux TV network.

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Pyst Beer

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #7

Now, here's Malt Barley speaking for the fine folks at Pyst Beer:

Is your job getting you down? Does your boss think you own a donkey considering he's been riding your ass all day? Trouble with your spouse, your in-laws, your neighbor? Then get Pyst! Yes, Pyst Beer, made from the finest spring water, the best grains, and more yeast than a hooker with a vaginal infection. Nothing quenches an angry thirst like Pyst Beer.

So remember, when you get Pyst you get beer, and when you get beer...you get Pyst!

(Made by the Pyst Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.)

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Oil of Olé!

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #6

Hola, amigos! My name is Juan Pedro Felipe Julio Manuel Ortega here to speak for Oil of Olé Moisturizing Cream. Jew know, de sun can be a real perra on de skeen. Dat is why all the señoritas and señoras in my barrio use Oil of Olé Moisturizing Cream. Years of being in de harsh sunlight can leave jore skeen looking as cracked and dry as de arid desert. No more! Now, jore skeen can be as smooth as a niño's culo!

Pick up a jar of Oil of Olé today! Iss a fiesta for jore skeen! Hasta luego, amigos!

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Consolidated Amalgamated Consortium

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #5

Hello, Zachary Lovebottom here to speak for the Consolidated Amalgamated Consortium.

When I need something consolidated or amalgamated, I instantly think of the Consolidated Amalgamated Consortium, 'cause it's all right there in the name, innit? You want something consolidated, it's right there in the name. You need something amalgamated, it's right there in the name. You want it done by a consortium, it's all right there. And the C.A.C. has been in business for over 10 minutes now, consolidating and amalgamating their little hearts out. Contact them today!

"Consolidated Amalgamated Consortium. We don't know what the hell it means either!"

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Lipschitz Lipstick

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #4

Hello, I'm international model Candy Slutstack.

Ladies, you need a durable lipstick when your lips get around as much as mine, and believe me when I tell you that my lips have been damn near everywhere! That's why I use Lipschitz Lipstick. It lasts for hours, and won't smear or smudge, no matter what's rubbing against your lips. Lipschitz will give your kisser a glamorous sheen like you've never seen! Abigail Lipschitz started her cosmetics company 200 years ago, working tirelessly to create the ultimate lipstick.

Remember, a woman isn't a real woman until she's covered her lips with Lipschitz.

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The Law Offices of Bender, Over and Banger

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #3

Hello, Harry Banger here.

Are you being accused of sexual harassment at work? We at the firm of Bender, Over & Banger can empathize. We've been exactly where you are, between a rock and a hard place. Why, we've even had to defend ourselves in lawsuits brought against us by the cheap little tarts that previously worked here. Those tramps were asking for it, begging.

Provided we don't get a mustachioed female judge, we believe we can clear you of any wrongdoing.

And no attorney's fee unless we put any sort of effort into your case.

Call today! 555-SLUT.

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And Now A Word From Our Sponsor #2

Hi, Super Bowl MVP Neoprene Grip here.

When I played professional football for the Lexington Lunkheads, I took alotta hits. Most were part of the game, but some I took a little more...personally. Now I handled the revenge chores myself; a cut brakeline on a sports car here, a scorpion in the jockstrap there, and everything was everything.

Now, you don't have to go it alone, thanks to E-Liminate.com, the world's first online hit man service, employing professional killers all over the world, who will handle your retribution clinically and skillfully, guaranteed.

So log on and bump someone off...today!