"Skin Deep" drabbles by Neville Hunt

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Skin Deep #138

Wine poured, they clinked glasses, "Cheers!". That broke the ice.

Rufus knocked his wine back in one (that wasn't likely to help his predicament!)

"Wow, Rufus, you're eager!" Beth laughed.

'You've no idea!' thought Rufus.

Beth made the first move on Rufus, assuming he was needing some Dutch courage. He wasn't the first shy boy she'd brought out.

Rufus needed no encouragement. Quickly they were on the bed in a frenzy of active foreplay.

But nothing was going on downstairs and Rufus was acutely aware of this. Beth's hands were doing their best though!

"Rufus, if you're gay, it's OK!"

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Wine, woman and...

Skin Deep #137

"C'mon, have some wine", encouraged Beth as he opened the door, unable to hide his mood.

"You haven't missed the hand-in deadline?" she asked, concerned. "Do you need more time to finish? I can go." Beth really was a kind, lovely young woman. Her only failing was falling for Rufus.

Rufus shook his head, as if to shake off his mood.

"No, you're alright, come in..... sorry Beth. I always get pissed off when I speak to my mum"

'Wow, he even calls his mum,' thought Beth, 'I'd like some more of him.'

But would she get it tonight?

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Skin Deep #136

Rufus read on the Internet about how Viagra worked. He knew he needed to allow at least an hour for the pill to take proper effect and that its effects should last for up to 4 hours. That meant planning and he was good at that.

Beth knocked on his door at 9.45pm. She had a bottle of wine in her hand, having already had a couple of glasses to get her in the mood. It was Rufus that was in a mood though, a dark mood. He'd tried in vain to test getting aroused.

Maybe cold blood flowed slowly.

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Skin Deep #135

"Well?" asked Beth the next day in the student union canteen.

"Thanks for the car, Beth; didn't get the internship though!"

"Poor you, come on lemme give you a cuddle."

That wasn't exactly what he'd expected, but Rufus thought to himself 'why not'. He succumbed to some cuddling, which promised more. But this was neither time nor place. First he needed to take a dose of Viagra, so, feigning a need to get some coursework finished, he suggested they meet up in his room much letter that evening.

If the Viagra worked, Beth would be perfect for a test-drive!

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Skin Deep #134

Having a good reputation with women, Rufus decided to ask if one of them would loan him her car. Beth had an old car and he knew she liked him. He rather liked her too and, if Viagra worked, she would be high on the list of 'test-drives'!

He said he had an internship interview in Harrogate. She was happy to lend her old car without insisting on going along too.

Driving round a few small disused collieries at dusk, he eventually found the perfect one.

Dragging Roger + suitcase was hard; dropping them down the deep shaft, easy!

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Coal holes

Skin Deep #133

Dropping a body-filled suitcase down an abandoned mineshaft seemed, on the face of it, fairly straightforward. Since the death of U.K. coalmining industry there were seemingly lots to choose from. Not so, all the main collieries were well secured and to do anything suspicious at them would be risky.

Rufus took some time to research them on the Internet and was pleased to find some smaller ones he could possibly get to without being noticed. A fringe group of colliery 'tourists' had emerged who would provide some cover for his nefarious activity.

He just needed to borrow a car.

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The choice is mine

Skin Deep #132

Before squeezing him into his largest suitcase, Rufus frisked Roger for money - just enough to pay for a new suitcase, no more; nothing fancy, but very similar to the one Roger would occupy.

Then it was decision time. Where to dump the suitcase? As Rufus saw it there were three obvious choices:

1. Left luggage at Leeds train station...but Roger would start to smell very soon and alert the station staff.
2. The non-recycling skip at the local rubbish tip. Roger would still smell, but everything seemed to smell awful at the tip.
3. Down a disused mineshaft. Bingo!

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Packing his bag

Skin Deep #131

Smothering was Rufus's preferred modus mortis this time. He had no axe to grind with Roger, who was just being helpful. Neither did he have an axe to hand this time to make Roger more manageable. Just his pillow.

Smothering, Rufus believed, was a good way to go, if you've gotta go! A slight wriggle while starting to regain consciousness, but this was short-lived, as too was Roger.

What to do now? Bodies are difficult to slip out of your room surreptitiously, even if Roger was rather small.

Rufus took his largest suitcase and shoehorned Roger into it somehow.

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Skin Deep #130

The first thing Rufus did was to turn his music to high volume (to drown things out). Then he beckoned Roger to sit on the bed (out of sight) and grabbed a can of beer from the shelf and threw it to him (to get him offguard and distracted!).

It wouldn't have improved the beer except to make it explosive!

But Roger wouldn't be drinking it anyway!

While Roger was busy catching the can, he missed seeing the fist heading straight for his face as Rufus leapt forward. The thud knocked Roger clean out; it was one of Rufus's specialities.

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Skin Deep #129

Rufus had no plan. When Roger, who shared his surname, but not his physique, delivered the discreet package containing Viagra, Rufus noticed it had been opened... meaning one thing; Roger knew!

Calmness might have come from Rufus's rational side, or it could have been a natural prelude to his savage side. To keep the unsuspecting victim unsuspecting!

"Come in for a beer to say thanks". Rufus put a hand behind Roger's left shoulder to propel him gently inside, just like great power statesmen.

Roger walked over to see the view from Rufus's window.

The door closed with an ominous click.

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Two's one too many

Skin Deep #128

Discreet delivery is a sensible option for material of a sensitive nature. There is a danger of misdelivery though when there are two R Johnsons in the same hall of residence. It was bad luck for Roger Johnson that he collected his mail before Rufus the day the Viagra arrived. Worse luck when he opened the package. Appalling luck when, realising it wasn’t for him, he knocked on Rufus’s door to hand it to the correct addressee.

Roger’s luck ran out when he should have run off. His mistake was to go into Rufus’s room for a beer when invited.

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Skin Deep #127

Rufus still had the problem of his erectile disfunction. He was desperate to get any or all of a number of attractive women into the sack. But he was acutely aware of his shortcomings down below. Potential embarrassment! So he shied away from women students... making him more desirable to them. He was popular with the girls for not wanting them that way, apparently. Doubly attractive... wanting desperately what they couldn't have!

He half expected Mac to fix the problem, but machines tend not to have nor understand sexual desire.

It would just have to be Viagra, sourced discreetly online.

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A hit but not missed

Skin Deep #126

Rufus had been as ruthlessly efficient as a Special Forces commando. Apart from the time waiting for his father to come home, the sortie had been very quickly and quietly executed. It had been a double execution in fact, of two people nobody was likely to miss. It was a pity he couldn’t have taken his mother into his confidence because she might just have been able to get her bastard of a husband’s life insured for a packet.

But that would have given a clear motive.

Friday at 10.00, he was the first one in class.

Recovered. Penis excepted!

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Open and shut

Skin Deep #125

Before exiting the scene of carnage, Rufus had arranged the positions of the bodies to look like his father had given the woman a severe beating plus maybe a kinky sexually-motivated partial strangling, going horribly wrong when she produced and used the knife on the man.

Police should think them open and shut cases of murder and self-defence. No-one else involved.

A pity the poor woman had to be sacrificed, but Rufus wanted no witnesses. Besides, she would probably have gone on to shack up with another brute, so she was well out of it, he thought.

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Hi Dad!

Skin Deep #124

His father finally returned from the pub. Entering the front door into the darkness of the hallway, he was surprised to see Rufus. He started “What’re you..”, but got no further as a carving knife powered up under his ribcage into his heart from below.

Rufus would have preferred to make him suffer first, but nothing’s ever perfect. He dragged the body into the living room, carefully arranging it next to the woman's. Rufus firmly pressed the handle of the knife into her right hand, smothering it with her fingerprints.

When completely satisfied, Rufus left quickly through the back door.

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Hand in glove

Skin Deep #123

Rufus had been careful to wear gloves, not to leave any fingerprints on the belt, or anywhere else. Had she thought about it, the woman might have thought him rather odd keeping his gloves on, but it was December and there was a chill in the air.

He sat on the stairs waiting for his father to return from work, but expecting him to have been drinking heavily and to be late.

What do you do in a house for several hours when to touch anything might record your presence? Particularly without Mac!

This was important though, Rufus could wait.

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Skin Deep #122

The woman offered to make some tea. She was quite nice, in a dull way.

While she was getting the tea, Rufus took the opportunity to lock the front door. When she returned with the tea, savage Rufus erupted. He grabbed her, hand over her mouth, then gagged her with a scarf and beat her black and blue. She was barely conscious as he advised her, with a sigh, “Like father, like son, love!”

He bounded upstairs and returned with one of his father’s belts, with which he strangled her.

He kicked her on discovering his tea had gone cold.

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Practical work

Skin Deep #121

Rufus had no lectures on a Thursday, just practicals. One Thursday late in the term, he didn’t go into the laboratory, feigning a bout of flu. He hitch-hiked down to east London where his father was now living.

He deliberately left Mac behind in his university residence.

Arriving at the small terraced house and ringing the doorbell, he was greeted by a timid woman with whom his father was obviously cohabiting. She invited him in. That was a mistake!

Rufus noticed immediately the bruises that showed that his father had been violent with her. No surprises there, he thought.

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Mum knows

Skin Deep #120

As term went on, Rufus made it his business to track down his absent father. This wasn’t easy if, as he did, he wanted nobody to know. He got the answer via his mother, who needed his father’s address for her solicitor and to forward any other mail she felt inclined to send on, which for some odd reason meant all of it! ‘Silly woman!’ thought Rufus.

He found the address surreptitiously one weekend when he went home, ostensibly to see his mother. Rufus got the impression, from his mother’s outbursts, that his father was 'shacked up' with another woman.

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Taking care

Skin Deep #119

Any normal guy might have been rather anxious, thinking back to actions in his recent past. Not Rufus though. Maybe he hadn’t twigged that he might have left his DNA at the undertakers, on Marcus’s body when his irrational side decided to crap on the old man.

Remarkably, Rufus had never crossed swords with the police. Thus his DNA was not a matter of record... so why would he worry, unless they caught up with him... why would they do that?

He was very careful that if his drinking mates got too belligerent, he would leave before any external intervention.