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Skin Deep #122


The woman offered to make some tea. She was quite nice, in a dull way.

While she was getting the tea, Rufus took the opportunity to lock the front door. When she returned with the tea, savage Rufus erupted. He grabbed her, hand over her mouth, then gagged her with a scarf and beat her black and blue. She was barely conscious as he advised her, with a sigh, “Like father, like son, love!”

He bounded upstairs and returned with one of his father’s belts, with which he strangled her.

He kicked her on discovering his tea had gone cold.

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    Lisa Williams almost 8 years ago

    Loved '...quite nice, in a dull way' X

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    VerityAlways almost 3 years ago

    Being Rufus!

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    Neville Hunt almost 3 years ago

    Wow, Verity... you’re really motoring on with this. I hope it doesn’t disappoint... I feel rather responsible.🥴

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    VerityAlways almost 3 years ago

    Do not hit that road. This is really good, for a change I'm not missing caffeine!

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