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Skin Deep #128


Discreet delivery is a sensible option for material of a sensitive nature. There is a danger of misdelivery though when there are two R Johnsons in the same hall of residence. It was bad luck for Roger Johnson that he collected his mail before Rufus the day the Viagra arrived. Worse luck when he opened the package. Appalling luck when, realising it wasn’t for him, he knocked on Rufus’s door to hand it to the correct addressee.

Roger’s luck ran out when he should have run off. His mistake was to go into Rufus’s room for a beer when invited.

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    Neville Hunt almost 8 years ago

    Thanks, Drew. Now I've got to work out how the hell he can get away with what's surely coming to pass! Perhaps I'll have to buy time by hopping back to see what The Goss is up to.

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