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Skin Deep #119


Any normal guy might have been rather anxious, thinking back to actions in his recent past. Not Rufus though. Maybe he hadn’t twigged that he might have left his DNA at the undertakers, on Marcus’s body when his irrational side decided to crap on the old man.

Remarkably, Rufus had never crossed swords with the police. Thus his DNA was not a matter of record... so why would he worry, unless they caught up with him... why would they do that?

He was very careful that if his drinking mates got too belligerent, he would leave before any external intervention.

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    VerityAlways almost 3 years ago

    Was just wondering how come you didn't include DNA yet. My bad!

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    Neville Hunt almost 3 years ago

    I think DNA is mentioned (when Rufus finds Marcus in the mortuary). It probably comes up somewhere else.Maybe I need to have a check for DNA risks, although I thought I had thought it through at the time.

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