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Skin Deep #131


Smothering was Rufus's preferred modus mortis this time. He had no axe to grind with Roger, who was just being helpful. Neither did he have an axe to hand this time to make Roger more manageable. Just his pillow.

Smothering, Rufus believed, was a good way to go, if you've gotta go! A slight wriggle while starting to regain consciousness, but this was short-lived, as too was Roger.

What to do now? Bodies are difficult to slip out of your room surreptitiously, even if Roger was rather small.

Rufus took his largest suitcase and shoehorned Roger into it somehow.

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    VerityAlways almost 3 years ago

    His mother should have been Mater Mortis!

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    Neville Hunt almost 3 years ago

    Haha! Yes she should! Mor ‘tis to come!

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