"Fedeltà catch-up" drabbles by Neville Hunt

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Fedeltà - the story so far - part 5

Fedeltà catch-up #5

With his share reduced to £200,000, Paolo is challenged by Sofia, who seduced him and is suspicious about his relationship with Livia. Sofia discovers that Paolo extorted £400,000 from her other lover, Tony, (Paolo’s scary boss) and demands to split it 50:50 with Paolo. Her leverage is that she’s discovered frozen fingers, Terry’s fingers, in Paolo’s freezer and she’s secretly taken photographs of them next to sleeping Paolo and lodged them with her solicitor... clever girl.

Paolo won’t implicate Livia and acquiesces to Sofia’s demands. He’s left with nothing but carnal hope for Livia’s return....

...which will be very soon...

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Fedeltà - the story so far - part 4

Fedeltà catch-up #4

Under Livia’s spell, Paolo agrees to ‘kidnap’ Terry and extort money from Tony for his twin’s safe return. In reality Paolo kills Terry, cuts off his fingers, uses them for extortion, dumping the body in a Fenland river. All the time Paolo is the most trusted aide that Tony has, but always keeps a few steps ahead of Tony, manipulating the older boss man through the latter’s fraternal guilt.

Meanwhile Livia takes a three-week cruise to the Caribbean to provide her a perfect alibi. Paolo succeeds in extorting £400,000 in Bitcoin currency, but Livia, from afar, demands her share.

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Fedeltà - the story so far - part 3

Fedeltà catch-up #3

The unholy trio combine. To suffer, Tony will first lose his beloved brother Terry, then be killed himself. Livia, who herself has been beaten up very badly by Tony previously, will arrange things.

Arranging things involves Paolo, Tony’s trusty henchman, a ruthless, handsome late-twenties young man. The stunningly pretty Livia casts a sexual spell on Paolo, but delays his carnal prize until he has done her bidding. She has no interest in him, but can use him. Separately and individually, the other two women seduce Paolo, who gets rather a lot of sex along the way... except with Livia.

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Fedeltà - the story so far - part 2

Fedeltà catch-up #2

Tony has problems regarding his twin Terry. The ‘twin thing’ - loyalty bond - two ‘identical’ beings from a single egg - affects Tony’s judgment. But when the stunningly beautiful Livia, Terry’s treacherous wife, tricks Tony into sleeping with her, the trouble starts.

Tony has already tired of his own beautiful wife Marcia and beats her up before impregnating her. Marcia rebuilds her friendship with younger sister Sofia, who stays over a lot and sets her sights on Tony, with whom she starts late night relations.

The three woman don’t like each other, but like Tony even less.

Tony must suffer and die.

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Fedeltà - the story so far - part 1

Fedeltà catch-up #1

Identical twins Tony and Terry run an East End mafia-style operation in London. Tony rules, violently, but three women with enormous bollocks get to run rings around him and any other guys they choose. Tony expects total loyalty (fedelta), but is it what he gets?

We start at Terry’s funeral... a hell of a funeral. Someone has bumped him off, but what’s inside the coffin isn’t Terry, but high explosive destined to send Tony down to hell too. But Tony’s instinct delays that trip and he’s tripped off to hospital instead.

He must rely on his trusty henchman Paolo.