"Fedeltà - catch up 2" drabbles by Neville Hunt

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Catch-up series 2 - Fedeltà #2

Fedeltà - catch up 2 #2

While tailing Franco, who is a kitchen fitter, Paolo discovers that Franco is getting his own piece of tail... Franco’s knobbing Marcia as her early morning wake-up exercise.

Paolo confronts Marcia and they decide that he should warn Franco about Tony’s suspicions and the danger. Franco simply laughs it off. He’s not scared at all.

Paolo’s strained relations with Marcia soften after Paolo tells her knows all about Franco’s visits. Liking a bit of rough as well as a more sophisticated shag, Marcia let’s Paolo at her. Breakfast followed by elevenses. What a complete tart! But Paolo doesn’t complain!

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Catch-up - series 2 - Fedeltà #12

Fedeltà - catch up 2 - #12

“I want you to make love to me!” Livia tells Paolo. She invites him round to her house and surprises him that she has it all organised.

In this scene, slices of pizza are juxtaposed with the utterly gorgeous Livia, wrapped in a black satin sheet, unravelling to the delight of her young beau. His dream has come true... and it shows. Paolo's feelings are intense... too intense for Livia, who hates clingy, needy men. But she needs Paolo, for now.

As he leaves after dream sex, Livia casually asks him to help with Terry’s funeral. He agrees, of course.

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Catch-up - series 2 - Fedeltà #11

Fedeltà - catch up 2 #11

Paolo has just about given up on Livia. He likes Sofia, and particularly sex with her, but she would always be second best... and she and Marcia are rather too old for anything more than some earthy fun. But Livia is different. She is spectacularly beautiful.... his type. But out of reach!

After her encounter with Mary Flaherty, Livia realises that she can use Paolo and wants to end her hostility towards him. She knows he is still crazy about her and can use that. Imagine his surprise when she calls him to apologise and tells him she wants him.

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Catch-up - series 2 - Fedeltà #10

Fedeltà - catch up 2 #10

When Paolo drops Tony off at his house, Paolo spots Franco’s van outside. Tony enters via the side gate as Paolo will collect him later. Marcia and Franco are caught unawares. In what seems like a French farce, Franco somehow gets out and away unnoticed.

Paolo goes back to Tony’s office for a couple of hours. He uses it to rummage around, trying to find out some of the hidden parts of the business... essential if one day soon he plans to take it over!

Meanwhile, Sofia is delighted with her huge diamond ring. But where dare she wear it?

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Catch-up - series 2 - Fedeltà #9

Fedeltà - catch up 2 #9

Meanwhile, now she has the large diamond from Paolo, Sofia decides to have it made into a ring, like an engagement ring, but not... much to Sofia’s chagrin, as she sort of entertains romantic ideas about Paolo, despite the significant age difference. She is excited.

Having secured the last of Terry’s fingers in exchange for the diamond, rather than disposing it, Paolo decides to try to push Tony over the edge by mailing it to him. Tony won’t open it. Paolo taunts him... suggesting it might be Terry’s cock!

Paolo takes neurotic Tony home early to Marcia... who is entertaining...

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Catch-up - series 2 - Fedeltà #8

Fedeltà - catch up 2 #8

Livia’s son is home from boarding school to ‘grieve’ for two weeks, keeping his mother company in her own grief. He takes a call. It’s Mary Flaherty, widow of Ronan, Paolo’s recent kill. Foulmouthed Mary wants to meet Livia, which they do at Livia’s house, for coffee, which becomes a very boozy lunch.

The women really like each other, united in (happy) widowhood. Mary’s very Catholic life and actions are controlled by the 10 Commandments, which she interprets liberally. She is instantly Livia’s new best friend! They can do business. Mary’s brother is a discreet undertaker. Just what Livia needs.

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Catch-up - series 2 - Fedeltà #7

Fedeltà - catch up 2 #7

Paolo winds up Tony about Livia maybe shagging a copper and informing on them. But in reality, Livia was far too smart for either of those to be happening. Tony was on edge and grumpy, but decides not to take it out on Paolo, whom he sends home early.

Paolo has Nicole’s large diamond. He decides to offer it to Sofia in trade for the remaining of Terry’s frozen fingers and the photos she has lodged with her solicitor.

Frosty Sofia happily agrees to the trade, cementing the deal with normal sexual relations being resumed.

Meanwhile, Livia becomes a hermit.

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Catch-up - series 2 - Fedeltà #6

Fedeltà - catch up 2 #6

Tony is not prepared to identify his brother Terry’s body. He tells Paolo to drive Livia, whom he does not suspect of any involvement with Terry’s demise, to the mortuary.

Paolo sees his chance, but Livia is ultra cool and rude to him.

Hostile Livia puts in a tour-de-force performance of grief at the mortuary identifying the body. The detective there tries to calm her down and drives her home, as she shuns Paolo, who meekly follows. The detective goes into her house with her. Tony calls Paolo’s mobile. Paolo, waiting, tells him what’s occurring. Tony goes apeshit!

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Catch-up - series 2 - Fedeltà #5

Fedeltà - catch up 2 #5

With Nicole comatose post-shag, her diamond, a present from a very jealous Ronan Flaherty, displayed below, Paolo gets out his untraceable PAYG mobile, takes a photo and texts it to Flaherty, at home with wife and kids. Paolo anticipates correctly the reaction. Anger in extremis. Flaherty drops everything to race to Nicole’s. 38 minutes. Paolo hides.

White-hot Flaherty arrives, storms in, attempts to strangle Nicole, who wakes up enough and somehow manages to stab him in the neck with a kitchen knife.

With dead Flaherty atop Nicole, Paolo humanely finishes her off, cleans up and removes the diamond.

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Catch-up series 2 - Fedeltà #4

Fedeltà - catch up 2 #4

Paolo suggests to Tony that a rival gang boss, Irishman Ronan Flaherty, might have bumped off Terry. Tony, convinced it’s true, gives Paolo 24 hours to bump off Flaherty!

Coincidentally, Paolo had had a fling with Flaherty’s girlfriend Nicole, who still likes Paolo, a lot. She was therefore his route to Flaherty.

Paolo arranges to meet Nicole for an old time’s sake shag. She jumps at the chance... what a slag! Paolo visits her one Friday evening, gets her very pissed and has his way with her.

As he does, she reveals an intimate jewel, a massive clitoral diamond ring.

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Catch-up series 2 - Fedeltà #3

Fedeltà - catch up 2 #3

Franco, who has balls of steel, decides to confront Tony about his boss’s suspicions. His directness convinces Tony that Franco is not the one. But who then?

Sofia visits Paolo, revealing a naked treat, but for some strange reason, it’s Paolo who isn’t in the mood. But Sofia, who’s offer has been spurned, feels humiliated. She storms out. Paolo has made an enemy of her and he worries about her dobbing him in to Tony.

Livia returns and instead of giving Paolo what he’s been dreaming of, what he’s killed for, she drops him like a brick! Hostility, not reward.

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Catch-up series 2 - Fedeltà #1

Fedeltà - catch up 2 #1

Livia’s on her way back from her cruise, but Paolo’s plans to meet her from the ship in Southampton are thwarted by Tony. He warns Paolo against getting any romantic ideas about Livia. One way Paolo deals with the situation is by getting pally with Sofia again... and Marcia too... a dangerous game!

However, Tony puts a spanner in the works by deciding that by getting Franco to bump off Shaun, whom he’d thought was Terry’s abductor and killer, he’d got the wrong man! Instead Tony was now suspicious of Franco.

Paolo has to tail Franco night and day. Shit!

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Fedeltà - the story so far - part 2

Fedeltà catch-up #2

Tony has problems regarding his twin Terry. The ‘twin thing’ - loyalty bond - two ‘identical’ beings from a single egg - affects Tony’s judgment. But when the stunningly beautiful Livia, Terry’s treacherous wife, tricks Tony into sleeping with her, the trouble starts.

Tony has already tired of his own beautiful wife Marcia and beats her up before impregnating her. Marcia rebuilds her friendship with younger sister Sofia, who stays over a lot and sets her sights on Tony, with whom she starts late night relations.

The three woman don’t like each other, but like Tony even less.

Tony must suffer and die.

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Undertaking - Fedeltà Catch Up Mark 3 #2

Fedeltà Catch Up Mark 3 #2

Paolo worries about the Livia-Mary Flaherty situation and the possibility that she knows about him stealing the huge diamond clitoral ring given by her husband to his tart who was killed. The one Paolo gave to Sofia, whom he must tell to keep it out of sight.

But, given only 48 hours, he calls Livia first asking about Mary Flaherty. Livia tells him that Mary’s brother is an undertaker helping her with Terry’s funeral. She tells him she’s going to give Tony a piece of her mind. Then she, Mary and Paolo must meet to sort out Terry’s funeral.