"Magic" drabbles by Jeff Taylor

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Just Co-operate...

Magic #211

"I got the girl boss!" Said Henry as he rounded the caravan. He held a struggling girl in his arms.

The woman in front of him paled. "Don't you dare hurt her."

If Boris had hair, it would have started standing on end as Minerva started drawing power. The grass at her feet turned grey and ashen.

"Now look, we ain't hurting no-one. Just co-operate and we'll leave you with..." He paused as the 'Chicken' rounded the caravan dripping in Gil's blood. Ghostly feathers shook and bristled as it started hissing like a big boiling kettle of water.

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That's not a chi...

Magic #210

It was at that point everything turned into a bloody mess. Gil had sprinted into the tall grass of the plain, going after the chicken as he'd been told to.

"What the fuck!? That's not a chi..." The sentence was cut short as blood fountained into the sky, followed by a terrific screech.

The woman had turned to face Boris. Standing straight, she smoothed her long dress and then smiled at him. Boris had seen that kind of smile before; and it usually meant that they were out of their comfort zone of robbing from defenceless victims.

She wasn't defenceless...

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A Poor Thirsty Traveller

Magic #209

"Right. You grab the little girl. Keep 'er quiet understand? I'll grab the woman, and Gil can grab the chicken."

"What do we do boss?"

"Look threatening."

"That it boss?" Said Talbot.

Boris rubbed the bridge of his nose as hard as it would allow. "Yes, just stand there alright? I'm assuming you can do that?"

He stood, and walked from the edge of the wood straight towards Minerva.

"Evening! Any chance of a flagon for a poor, thirsty, traveller?" He smiled as pleasantly as he could. As she turned away from the fire, a panicked squeak came from Rhian.

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Mmmmm, Chicken

Magic #208

"Hey... Boris. There's a tinker caravan just stopped nearby. Looks like it's just a woman and her little girl."

Boris snuffled awake from his afternoon nap. I grabbed Henry by his collar. "I swear! I'm going to break your jaw one of these days for waking me up. Me afternoon nap is needed for our nights."

"Sorry, boss. This one looked like easy pickings. The little girl is playing out in the grass with her big chicken."

Boris looked at his compatriot. "It's been a while since we had chicken. Why didn't you say so sooner?"

"Er, I did boss."

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We need Rabbits!

Magic #207


Minerva looked over her shoulder, peering into the caravan. "Are you alright back there?"

"Can I let Frankie out?"

She sighed. "Alright. we could do with stopping for the evening anyway."

Rhian whooped with glee, quickly followed by a clattering noise. Minerva, on the other hand, shivered slightly as she felt her daughters strange energies wrap the whole caravan.

The back door opened as they stopped at the edge of the woods bordering the Chalast plain, followed by a loud squawk and the clatter of claws on wood. Frankie was abroad in the world once again.

"We need rabbits!"

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Magic #206

The caravan was a bit more colourful that Minerva had been expecting. It had obviously previously belonged to a gypsy, or maybe a travelling tinker. It wasn't... Gaudy. But the main colour was a brilliant sunflower yellow, with plenty of green and red.

Needless to say, Rhian loved it and squeaked with delight when the Quartermaster brought them to it. He'd smiled.

The inside of the caravan was a lot more sensible, with space for both to sleep as well as the tiniest kitchen she'd ever come across. Whatever space was left had been packed with various foods and sundries.

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One horse and caravan please!

Magic #205

The quartermaster was yelling obscenely at a subordinate, before turning.


"I need a horse and caravan."

"Don't be stupid woman! We're evac..." He finally spotted Minerva's pips and ground to a halt.

"I realise that this is probably the most awkward time to make demands, but I am travelling east across the plain and I need a caravan and a horse. Also provisions for two."

"I, er..."

"I am under orders from the Matriarch. Don't make me invoke..." The quartermaster had turned away.

"You!" He screamed. "Caravan and a horse!" He grabbed another. "Provisions for two, now! Move it!"

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Flexing new authority

Magic #204

Minerva looked around. They weren't going to be able to walk, Rhian was far too young for that. So, she was going to need a horse and cart. Time to try and flex her new rank's muscles...

"Soldier." She just grabbed a random one from the soldiers directing the exodus. "Take me to the quartermaster."

"I'm sorry miss, you need to get back into the line. We're trying to keep everyone moving..." He paused as she looked at him sternly.

"Shut up cadet."

"I'm an officer madam!"

"Not for long if you don't take us to the quartermaster right now!"

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The Far East

Magic #203

She hugged her daughter tightly and moved into the crowd, in amongst the rich and poor as they rubbed shoulders leaving the city.

Outside the wall, the people headed North. Whereas Minerva and her little girl headed eastward.

"Why aren't we going with everyone else?"

"We have an important thing to do. We need to go and see someone to get their help."

"Who's that?"

"His name is Rexinalt, and he lives near the mountains."

"What? Those mountains?" Rhian peered into the distance at the faint hint of snowy topped peaks creeping above the far eastern horizon.

"Yes. Those mountains."

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A Promise

Magic #202

They watched as Grandma Nerys was led away into the crowd, her bodyguard firmly by her side.

"Bye, bye nana." Came the small voice. Minerva swept her up and hugged Rhian. "Nana's going to be safe." Rhian was picking up on the faint smell of fear that was pervading everything now.

"Are we going to be safe mum?"

"Oh, bunny... I won't lie to you. I don't know. But we have Frankie with us, so I know for certain that you are as safe as anyone can possibly be. And I won't let anyone hurt you. Ever!"

She sniffed. "Promise?"

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Be far away...

Magic #201

Minerva hugged her mother tightly. "Be safe mum. Be far, far away from what is coming." She stood back. "This is sergeant Hollister. He'll be by your side for the whole Journey." A short, burly, man stood to attention. "Take care of her sergeant."

"Yes general!" He said, snapping together his heels and saluting. Minerva rolled her eyes, and Nerys smirked.

"General? I hope that came with a pay increase?"

"Not that it'll do you any good mum." She leant down. "Nanner can't come with us bunny. So you need to give her a big hug, we'll see her soon."

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Are you packed?

Magic #200

Minerva pecked her little girl on the cheek. "We have to go somewhere little one." She put her back down. "Are you packed?"

"Yes mum. Just like grandma said to."

"Good. Is Frankie in his bag? We mustn't forget him."

"Just like Ginny is taking Maggie cat in her basket."

"Good. Go get your bag..." Rhian raced away. "And don't forget to put your big walking boots on!" She shouted after her.

Nerys looked at her daughter. "We're not going to the same place are we."

Minerva shook her head. "Sorry mum, she's much safer with me."

"Are you sure?"

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The thud of small feet

Magic #199

The rapid, practiced, thud of small feet came thundering down the stairs.

"Mummy!" Screamed the eight-year-old as she charged across and buried herself in Minerva's dress.

Minerva quickly wiped her eyes and picked up her little girl.

"Hey bunny! How're you doing?"

"I'm alright. Frankie's been naughty though."

Nerys looked at her granddaughter. "Only because you weren't in control of him." She looked up. "Little monster nearly caught the neighbour's cat the other day."

Minerva raised her eyebrows. "What have I told you about keeping Frankie under control?"

"Sorry mum." She looked dour. "Glad you're home though mum."

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Magic #198

Her mother was beside herself. "Oh! You're not hurt are you? What happened?"

"I'm..." Minerva's minds eye flashed back to the moment the coven was broken as she delivered the final, massive, blow to the enemy. "I'm not hurt." She lied. "But we were overrun..." She held on tightly as the floodgates finally had a chance to open. "They're all gone mum. All gone." She sobbed.

"Shh... You're here now. You're safe."

"That's it mum. It's not safe here. Not anymore. There's a friend outside, you need to go with them."

"This evacuation is your doing?"

"Yes, mum, it is."

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Back Early

Magic #197

"Rhian! Don't forget to pack your warm clothes!" Came the shout from the kitchen as Minerva entered the house quietly. Outside the noise of neighbours hastily moving into the street to join the crowd, as they filed towards the northern city gate, hid the noise she made as she opened the door.

"Mum?" The noise from the kitchen stopped and her mother's face instantly appeared at the kitchen door. "Minny! Oh my Goddess!! You're home? They never said, you never said..." She ran along the short hall and wrapped her eldest in a massive hug. "I thought..."

"Back early mum."

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On the Edge of Panic

Magic #196

Minerva made her way through a city on the very edge of panic. It was clear as the cities forces made their way through the streets. The looks of barely concealed terror written on every face. Young and old, it didn't matter. Even the soldiers.

Minerva, however, had a specific destination in mind. Her mother lived on the outskirts of the city, near the wall. And while it was right that her mother left with an armoured escort, it was her daughter that she sought. In the coming says she would need her by her side. As close as possible.

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Stepping into a front-line camp

Magic #195

Stepping from the oppressive silence of the Matriarch's chambers back into the real-world felt like stepping out into a front-line camp. The mansion was heaving with people rushing around. Minerva quietly stopped a girl that was gathering up plates and dishes.

"What is going on?"

The girl looked at her quizzically and then spotted the new pips on Minerva's collar and changed the look to wide-eyed horror.

"M'm'ma'am!" She tried to curtsey and hold onto her plates. "The Matriarch has issued orders to evacuate the city ma'am!"

"What? The whole city?"

"Yes ma'am! Everyone is to leave!"

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Magic #194

The Matriarch brought her staff down and placed the tip on Minerva's shoulder.

"I hereby promote your rank to general. You are to leave this place with my orders to gather the weapons of war, in accordance with the prophecies of the Augury. You report directly to me and to no-one else."

She stood the staff upright and at rest.

"Am I clear in my orders general Khisha?"

Minerva bowed her head. "Ma'am!"

"Then I must ask why you are still here. You are dismissed!"

Minerva hurried to her feet, and strode purposefully, and quickly, from the Matriarch's chamber.

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Great Change

Magic #193

The Matriarch glared at Minerva. "And what, exactly, did the Shadow lord ask in return for this unfettered, and presumably un-molested, access?"

"Ma'am. His lordship requested that I keep him appraised of the situation here in the lands of light."

"Did he now... I would say that this was unprecedented. However, I have heard reports from the Western lands that the Augury has returned to us." She sighed, heavily. "Death and great change is upon us as we stumble, blindly, into its dark and heavy folds. I would send you west, but there are tasks for you here first."

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The Rooted Throne

Magic #192

Minerva stood before the Matriarch of Moorehaven, head bowed, red eyed after fully describing what had happened and how Hammords Reach had fallen.

"The Shadow Lord allows you access to his lands." Croaked the Matriarch with her gravelled voice.

It was a statement. Not a question, just a statement. The Matriarch sat on the throne chair, carved from the remains of an ancient oak; it's roots still fixing it to the ground. The chamber had been built around it.

"I find that most disturbing of all. No-one has had such access for over three thousand years! If not more."