"Nevilles Travails - Amsterdam" drabbles by Neville Hunt

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De-loused and locked-up

Nevilles Travails - Amsterdam #2

Russian emigrants bound for South America stopped off at this 1920's Amsterdam hotel. Medical check plus de-lousing at the Quarantine building next door and they were ready to be locked up at the Lloyd, before continuing the journey to their new world.

Now both hotel and 'cultural embassy', this Dutch design icon has been a refugee centre, detention centre and artist studio.

But beware all you peripatetic astrologers.... check your stars carefully among the galaxy on offer here. Choose a single star and your sentence will resemble solitary confinement. To plan your escape you'll need your cellphone. I know!

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One, two, three, four, five

Nevilles Travails - Amsterdam #1

This Amsterdam hotel came highly recommended. A stop or two from Centraal Station, it was a large building by the water. Great concept; one, two, three, four, five star accommodation in one hotel. Nev chose one star of course. One star rooms were floor 6, and cheap. Comfortable bed, the room looked like a cell... had been a cell when a WW2 youth prison! The bathroom... communal!

Horrified, my wife bent my ear! Tail between legs I rediscovered reception. Unsurprised, the receptionist said "You didn't look like one star people!"

Upgraded to three star! Star restaurant for all stars though!