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Nevilles Travails - Amsterdam #1


This Amsterdam hotel came highly recommended. A stop or two from Centraal Station, it was a large building by the water. Great concept; one, two, three, four, five star accommodation in one hotel. Nev chose one star of course. One star rooms were floor 6, and cheap. Comfortable bed, the room looked like a cell... had been a cell when a WW2 youth prison! The bathroom... communal!

Horrified, my wife bent my ear! Tail between legs I rediscovered reception. Unsurprised, the receptionist said "You didn't look like one star people!"

Upgraded to three star! Star restaurant for all stars though!

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    Christopher about 8 years ago

    I've always wanted to visit Amsterdam, if for nothing else to see the Concertgebouw, a concert hall that was the scene of some amazing rock-n-roll shows. In fact, Paul McCartney immortalized it in the chorus of the Wings song "Venus And Mars/Rock Show."

    Your travelogues are always entertaining, Neville. Although I can't imagine you booking a one-star room when there were other options available!

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    Neville Hunt about 8 years ago

    Amsterdam's really cool and very pretty. I've not been to the Concertgebouw, but would like too (and the Leipzig Gewandhaus). The canals and houses of Amsterdam are lovely and the bars too! And the general atmosphere is vibrant. We are so lucky where we live having easy, cheap access to absolutely wonderful European cities. My favourites are Stockholm, Prague, Budapest, Tallinn, Paris (of course), Vienna (scene of my favourite movie, The Third Man, and there are so many terrific cities in Italy and Spain of course. Berlin is really cool too and absolutely fascinating. I could go on for hours....!

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