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The Skaggerston Nightmares #72


'OK...and what's your name?' The Duke asked, looking at his clipboard.
'Mandy' replied the girl, nervously.
'So Mandy...you've come here to be a duchess, is that right?'
'Mm-hmm' she murmured.
'Well. We need to make sure you're made of the right stuff' explained Rodolfo, sitting in an armchair, smoking a reefer. The Duke nodded his agreement.
'Please...take off your skirt and underwear and kneel on the desk' Rodolfo requested. Mandy did as she was asked, as Rodolfo pressed record on a camcorder.
'Lovely. Now...shit on the desk, please. In your own time' he continued.

Mandy nodded dumbly, and squeezed.

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