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The Skaggerston Nightmares #66


10:58pm. Lucas Stevenson had his trousers undone and the lube ready.

Barry's call was imminent.

As the digital clock ticked over to 11:00pm, his phone broke the silence in the Skaggerston branch of SpeakEasy, the counselling charity.

'Hello? How can I help...please, only talk as much as you want to' Lucas said, soothingly.
'It's...my dad. He's, ah...been abusing me for some time...'

Definitely Barry, Lucas thought, squeezing some lube into his palm.

'I see...and what would be do?' Lucas probed.
'He'd...put his finger up my behind...make me tug him off...'
Lucas began stroking himself, eager to keep up the pretence.

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