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The Skaggerston Nightmares #22


The fish eye glinted in the candlelight as it arced through the air, landing in Atkinson's mouth with a small plop.
Across the table, Anna watched with a muted fascination; she hated it when he did that, but damn they sure made him sexier.
'You have an incredible body, Malcolm' she purred.
'No pain, no gain. Fancy one?' he offered Anna the bag.
She recoiled, scowling. 'You keep them away!' she screamed.
He paused.
'You want another look, don't you?' he teased.
Anna nodded, hiding her face bashfully with her long hair.
Atkinson stood slowly and removed his bath-robe.

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    Brenda Evans over 8 years ago

    Ha! wickedly funny. I think you can tell by now that I'm making my way through your posts. I think we share the same type of humor.

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    Peter Muscutt over 8 years ago

    Heheh, I do like a lot of dark humour....you have to be a bit careful sometimes around people who might be quite sensitive, and I don't like offensive or bullying humour (about disabled/gay people etc) but dark or random humour is definitely up my street. Pushing the boundaries of acceptable taste!

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