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Drummond sighed as his mobile vibrated on the bedside table again. Squinting, he looked at the display - 3:24am. 'I can see you sleeping' read the text message he'd received. Bloody hell he thought. Unknown number again... He slapped the mobile back down, and pulled up the covers around his neck.

BRRRP....BRRRP.... Drummond snatched up the mobile again and read the screen. 3.31am. 'Nice boxer shorts, sexy.' Drummond turned the mobile off.

Next to him in bed, her back facing her husband, Jane Drummond stifled a giggle as she silently tapped out another message on her new mobile and hit 'Send'.

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    K.Z. Morano almost 6 years ago

    LOL funny :) loved the title too :)

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    Bryan Thomas almost 6 years ago

    Nice one, Peter!

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    Jim M over 5 years ago


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    Brenda Evans almost 5 years ago

    Something I might do ...

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