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Life #1 - ended 01/04/1989, urinary tract infection
Life #2 - ended 12/05/1991, biliary fever
Life #3 - ended 26/12/1994, car accident
Life #4 - ended 14/08/1996, another fucking car accident
Life #5 - ended 06/04/1998, panleukopenia
Life #6 - ended 10/10/1999, chronic kidney failure
Life #7 - ended 30/06/2001, kicked to death
Life #8 - ended 19/02/2003, hyperesthesia syndrome
Life #9 - I'll be buggered if I'm giving up my final life so easily. Nope, that's it for me. No more roaming the streets, shagging other cats for fun, getting in fights. I'm quite happy sat here on a warm cushion, watching 'Coronation Street' thank you very much...

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    Chris Walker about 6 years ago

    Good one, Peter.

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    Bryan Thomas about 6 years ago

    Haha! Great stuff!

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    Drew Martyn almost 6 years ago

    Beautiful Peter, this made me laugh out loud. Great idea, great execution

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