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'You and whose army?' they'd scoffed. The bullies.
Well I'll show them, he thought.
Keith Tyrell, nerdy and bookish, knew he was different from the other kids.
But more than the after-school classes, immaculate homework and an interest in physics, he knew the powers he had.
The power to raise armies of the undead.
He had the book, the ancient tome handed down through generations of Tyrells from the 1600s onwards.
Nottingham, Coventry, Liverpool, Newcastle, Derby, Bristol, London, Exeter, King's Lynn, Dover... all would face the undead apocalypse. All would perish.

You and whose army, indeed. Your move, bullies.

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    Kate Gowers over 8 years ago

    Hmmm...many will be long dead - most people in this country are cremated...

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