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'This is Nottingham City Council Headquarters, do you read me?'
'(static) Reading you, Nottingham. Go ahead.'
'What's your latest reading?'
'Averaging 900 rads...over.'
'That's still too high, we can't send people in there yet!'
'(static) What's the alternative, headquarters? We need to search for food.'
'You think I don't know that?! But if people go into that area, they'll be dead within a week.'
'Looks like we don't have much choice, HQ. Advise on how to proceed...over.'
'Hold off for now. Further advice to follow. Over and out.'

Furrows sat back at his radio monitoring desk. All was lost.

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    Bryan Thomas almost 9 years ago

    Super! And a good reason not to visit Nottingham!

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