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A few of my favourite words in Scrabble. Don't ask me what any of them mean. I can't tell you, so go get a dictionary, my friend.

Batrachophagous. 25 pts.
Colposinquanonia. 29 pts.
Floccinaucinihilipilification. 48 pts.
Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian. 53 pts.
Interfenestration. 20 pts.
Lygerastia. 14 pts.
Onychophagy. 28 pts.
Quomodocunquize. 46 pts.
Recumbentibus. 21 pts.
Sgiomlaireached. 24 pts.
Tibialoconcupiscent. 29 pts.
Ultracrepidarian. 21 pts.
Witzelsucht. 28 pts.
Zenzizenzizenzic. 72 pts.

And no, I can't say I've ever used any of these, either. But hey, they sure do make you look bloody intelligent. Shame they don't fit on the Scrabble board. Shit.

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