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He ground me down, but I'll bounce back.
He beat me, bruised me, but I'll recover.
He shattered my spirit, but it will heal.
He punished me for no reason whatsoever, but it wasn't my fault.
He ruined my life, but I'll get my own back.
He starved me, but I'll be sated one day.
I've been ignored, but my story will be heard.
I've been made to feel used, dirty. But I'll get myself clean.
I've seen things no child should see. That can't be undone.
I've been bent, but I will not break.

That's my promise to myself.

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    Peter Muscutt over 8 years ago

    My effort at an abuse related drabble for Abuse Awareness. I hope one day we won't need to help raise awareness of such a terrible aspect of life.

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    Michael Cook over 8 years ago

    For those writing to support NCAPM, leave a comment on your drabbles and I'll make sure to add a #NCAPM hashtag to each tweet.

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    Frenchie over 8 years ago

    Thank you @ZombieKiller for this drabble. It is an excellent one. Going on the FB page.
    @Mike, I really appreciate the support :-)

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