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‘I’d love to spank you senseless’
'I bruise very easily, you know.'
‘How about motor-boating?’
'I'm sorry, I can't, I get sore nipples.'
‘Wear these crotchless knickers for me?’
'They look like they might chafe somewhat.'
‘I want to lick your pussy out.’
'But you don’t know where I’ve been!'
‘Do you give oral?’
'But I don’t know where you've been!'
'In these heels?'
‘God, I’d give anything to come over your face...’
'Do you know how much this make-up costs?'
‘...Alright. I’d better be getting back, actually.’
'But I thought you were having a nice time?'

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    Rodindeadpan about 9 years ago

    Here's a bar of soap for Peter for writing such a filthy drabble and a bar of soap for me for reading it twice.

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