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You find yourself standing before a pair of large white gates. Emanating from them is an ethereal golden glow. Fascinating as they are, what really draws your attention is the lone man, bearded and elderly, hunched over a desk poring over an ancient looking book. Something tells you he’s someone of importance. You approach the desk and cough, hoping to gain his attention. He glances up and just stares and stares and stares at you for who knows how long. As you’re about to speak, he utters the first and last words you will ever hear from him, “Joke’s over.”

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    Karen Wong over 9 years ago

    Thank you. Does it make more sense to thank people by commenting on their stories or commenting on my own like I'm doing now?

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    D.M. about 9 years ago

    This made me smile all day! Thank you!

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