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Dream Sequences


I met a man once.
The end.

More details? Sure, I can do that.

I met a man once in Nantucket.
The end.

That's still not enough? Okay, then.

I met a man once in Nantucket. His name was Phil.
The end.

What do mean my story has no flair? It isn't supposed to. Really, you think it might help. If you say so.

I once met a man in Nantucket
who threw a shoe and said, "Duck it!"

Great, now my beautiful, terse story is stupid and ridiculous. I want a refund. Give me my soul back now, Satan!

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    D.M. over 9 years ago

    Was he throwing it at President Bush? (sorry)

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    T. Willemann over 9 years ago

    Fun stuff!

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