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Dream Sequences


I am sure you are wondering how I am still alive, right? Well, it turns out, I was still dreaming before! Or is this a dream? Am I still just barely conscious, and hanging onto life while my mind wanders into a dreamworld of my own creation because I don't want to accept that I'm being killed by a raging dog this very moment? Well, while I'm here...I might as well have fun. Let's see, I always wanted to fly!


Well, that settles it, I'm not dreaming. Can someone take me to the hospital now, please?

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    Brandon Sutton over 9 years ago

    Thank you! I didn't plan to write a (sort-of) second part, but after finishing Dream #11, this one just popped into my head as a natural follow-up.

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    Tony Spencer over 9 years ago

    Oh! my funny bone!

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    Brandon Sutton over 9 years ago

    I am glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the comment!

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