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Jaga Jazzist


"We were freaking out last Saturday night. I don't even know what we were really doing, but it seemed like fun. I'm telling you, that rave really screwed me up. All I can remember is getting drunk, high, and losing my mind to some insane techno music. Next thing I know, I wake up in the middle of a skate park with Chinese characters all over the place and some guy saying 'Dude, you must have been wasted last night.' The worst part was that when I looked down, I couldn't find my pants and I had to run home."

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    Brandon Sutton about 5 years ago

    This and all the following parts labeled "A Livingroom Hush" were based on the album "A Livingroom Hush" by the band Jaga Jazzist. Since it is completely instrumental music, and nu-jazz with all its weirdness at that, it really sparked my creativity after listening to it, and I found a story start to evolve around it. I felt that this story, to reflect the different album tracks and the different parts of the story they seem to tell, would be best as a series of drabbles, and thus this series was born. I hope you all can enjoy it!

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