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It was summer money, but mostly punishment. Sara was miserable and showed it. Bussing tables at her aunt's cafe was humiliating.

It wasn't uncommon for guests to pick one of the house instruments for an impromptu performance. It was uncommon for two strangers to seamlessly synchronize without a word. The new graduate student introduced himself through his talent that night. Sara was mesmerized. There was only the notes.

When they finished playing, he excused himself: “Carpe diem – thank you – goodbye.” He played most nights that summer. Sara worked every night the rest of that summer, dancing to daydreams.

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    Neville Hunt almost 7 years ago

    Lovely, Melanie. Really feel good.

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    D.M. almost 7 years ago

    'there was only the notes" - 'love that line!

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