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Suzy was playing hopscotch when the Andersons came outside to view their new neighborhood. Suzy hopped over.
“Mama built the fence because Nana has the alls-miners,” she said.
“Oh,” the Andersons said.
“Nana’s napping. I don’t nap. I’m big. We play hide-and-seek. Do you know how to play hide-and-seek?”
“Yes,” the Andersons said.
“She used to hide better. Sometimes so long the Johnsons found her first.”
“Oh,” the Andersons said.
“Now she leaves me clues in the backyard. Today it was a fried egg.”
“Suzy!” her mom yelled.
“Coming!” Suzy hopped home.
The Andersons stared.

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    Neville Hunt almost 8 years ago

    Sad, but a lovely Drabble, Melanie. Thanks.

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    Lorna Megenity almost 8 years ago

    I love the objective point of view. People who look at life like this are wonderful.

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    Chris Walker almost 8 years ago

    Quirky, and feels so very real :-)

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    Melanie almost 8 years ago

    Thanks y'all! The encouragement is motivating. I'm glad to know these stories work for readers.

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