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Memory and Mime


'Hello' from Grandma comes in many articulations-

Too much of a morning? hello
Accusation allos like You're late to school, homework, tests!

Early teens,
Watch your tone hellos
Why are you frowning heys

Late teens,
Midnight snack hellos
Simply stress relieving heys
I am always here hi's

I am an Iron lady, hello
Yeah, its painful, but I can manage

Later, hellos & sighs meant
Okay, come along,
Are you there?
Will you listen?
Will you stay?...

"Hello? Grandma? Grandmaaa?"

I dial her,
Like summing my million moods comes the unsaid "I'm always with you." from her voicemail.

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    VerityAlways over 1 year ago

    I didn't stress on grammar, happy to correct any errors

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