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I didn't know why...
We went skydiving and fortunately found a glitch in harnesses,
To a blue sea when not savvy to swimming,
Bought blueberries when allergic,
Trekking the blue mountains only to fall and fracture,
Oh, the fights, I just thought they were the blues...
It showed on my skin, mixed with purple and
Even memorized the burns of the blue flames.
I prepared his favorite dishes as he ordered.
My secret ingredient wasn't glory at all,
Just seeds of morning glory.

Blue is my favorite.
He knew too well.
Never knew,
I was weak, not anymore.

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    VerityAlways 11 months ago

    Frenchie, after reading yours, my brain had to spit this out. Thanks for inspiring!

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    VerityAlways 11 months ago

    Apologies if I've spoilt your mood. I don't know where this will go.
    Happy to have your ideas!

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    VerityAlways 10 months ago

    Thanks, Christopher!

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