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Huge crowds, though access within limited.

It was heartrending watching him suffer, powerless to do anything but watch to the bitter end, the result so disappointing.

His baby murdered, brutally. Blown away senselessly.

No lawyer could ever bring their baby back, it was out of their hands.

Leave behind the flickering testimony to injustice. At least that trial was over. Only the verdict to come and some sort of closure.

"It's so bad," he sobbed, "horrible."

The final sentence brought forth tears.

She squeezed her husband's hand.

"Honey, next book, I promise we'll ensure more control over the film rights."

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    Kate Gowers almost 8 years ago

    I really liked that - the pain of many an author. Who is successful enough to sell his or her work for film (not something likely to happen to me).

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    Julie almost 8 years ago

    Great drabble and, often, so true.

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    Frenchie almost 8 years ago

    I love it .Very realistic. And cleverly done :)

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    D.M. almost 8 years ago

    Your endings often have that little twist that is unexpected. Does that come to you as you are writing or do you know it before you begin?

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