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The first kiss of Winter brushes against the nape of my neck.

Clouds in my mind, above the frigid winds of time, portend a blizzard.

Old snow will soon cover the fruits of my labour.

My labour? I delude nobody but myself. I have not toiled to rake the leaves of my Autumn. I would rather the detritus of time passed disperse. Instead they amass, uninvited on my leeward side. Unwelcome memories lay at my feet.

They lie, whispering sentiments I can't recognise, and over the anguished rustling I hear the howl and wonder if that's the wind.

Or me.

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    shaun about 4 years ago

    Thanks, Drew

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    Christopher almost 4 years ago

    Good grief, this is some great writing!

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    shaun almost 4 years ago

    Thank you kindly.

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