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Her customary phone call woke him up.

How's your Dad?' He asked later, over their Sunday breakfast.

'Well, he's 86, he went to a funeral on Wednesday, and he has another funeral to go to next Tuesday. Then there's yet another funeral for him to go to on the 15th.'

'Good God, Honey!'

He swallowed the last mouthful of coffee and thought of their son and daughter-in-law with their second child due in ten weeks.

'Hang on in their, old fella! Hurry up kids; there's an old guy that's so in need of an invite to a christening.

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    shaun almost 7 years ago

    Seriously this man is as strong as an ox but I wonder if all this negative can't have anything but a detrimental affect on even the most hardened of souls.

    Thanks for your comment, as usual.

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    Ken Magee almost 7 years ago

    That cheered me up.

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