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Drifting into dreamland, so vivid it could be real. On a deserted island with nothing I see a man. He's sitting on the wet sand, so close the tide glides over his feet and legs.
He's looking up into the sun. Anyone else couldn't do that, it would burn their eyes. Starring into it as if it spoke a language only he can understand.

How is it possible he's alone? Why is he alone? Is he really there or is this a dream? Drift wood surrounds him and forms a small craft. A Captain yells out, ALL ABOARD, ALL ABOARD.

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    Jim M over 9 years ago

    Just blitzed thru this series and going to go back and enjoy it more slowly now. Just a quick note to thank you for such a surprising, unusual and well written piece- so lovely to be genuinely unnerved but compulsive about a series

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