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The real me you know, somewhat, comes from an also tainted world. I see everything, I'm told through rose glasses.
When I take them off I think I feel a bit of fear. Afraid that I'll fall into the black and white world, not seeing the gray at all.
I see there's been changes at the site while I was in the hospital myself. Luckily for other reasons. Although it could have been very in inspiring, as well as terrifying. Unfortunately laws don't let us just observe.
Maybe I did and I'm lying? That's one strange pill to swallow - whole.

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    Kathy over 9 years ago

    I'll be going back though and fixing my mistakes as time permits. Thanks to everyone who gives me the constructive criticism. I do appreciate it, and I appreciate those of you who read. This site has been really been a help with keeping things to the point. I do tend to ramble, and sometimes on purpose.
    I feel the world with phones that text, the tweets and such is taking away our readers, I think I like to pick out the listeners by rambling. Shall I go on? lol Just kidding. This site is brilliant for those who really do want to spend time writing. Much love & respect, Kathy (themadwoman)

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    Jim M over 9 years ago

    I love the style of this piece, very unexpected but also very coherent language. Really clever, wish I could vote twice!

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