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As Zelda anticipates who will visit her, she dressed so neatly. "It's better than the day room" her words spew out accidentally.

"What did you say?" Said an unfamiliar nurse.

"Nothing, uh, I was counting that's all!" Zelda nervously brushed her hair. "I'm ready!" Said Zelda.

"It's OK Zelda, you can talk to me! Mary is ill today and won't be coming in. I'm here to give you your morning shot, she left on your chart."

Zelda began screaming, "No, I get the pink capsule, PLEASE NO, NO!"
"Ah, I see, Nurse Mary was right, she said you'd need this!"

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    Horrorshow almost 10 years ago

    Really enjoying this series and the characters you've created, Kathy. :-)

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    Kathy almost 10 years ago

    Thanks @Horrorshow!!! I appreciate your following the saga I may have going here! :)

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    Brandon Sutton almost 10 years ago

    I'm the same as Horrorshow, since I too am enjoying this series of drabbles and the very interesting characters and plot you've built.

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    Bryan Thomas almost 10 years ago


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