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Proudly Zelda lays in her bed, the light is secret again. Nurse Mary comes in with the capsule.
"Take it, or no visitation tomorrow! This or the shot, your choice!" She snarls.

"I haven't seen it! I was wrong Nurse Mary!" The light circles the room with blazing beams.

Before it melts, Zelda takes the pill out of her mouth, sprinkle's the white powder in the leg of her plastic doll, then swallows the empty capsule.

No evidence, alone with her light, they conspire to kill Nurse Mary, she never watches her coffee. Zelda and her light smile with vengeance.

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    Brandon Sutton almost 10 years ago

    The end adds a bit of suspense on the already intense storyline. Nice work!

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    Kathy almost 10 years ago

    @Brandon Sutton - Thank you for your votes and comments, and compliments, it's great encouragement.

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    Horrorshow almost 10 years ago

    Great cliffhanger to end on, Kathy! Can't wait for the next part! I love that we're unsure how much of this is real and how much is just paranoia!

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    Kathy almost 10 years ago

    @Horrorshow thanks! That's what I was aiming for!

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