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The Last Death 100 Drabbles #5


“Hey Munchkin”. Only she could get away with murder, calling Isaac that. He loved her more than living. Aya made him feel alive and human. Made him forget the killer that he was…is.

She put a hand to her stomach, smiling nervously, dancing pupils. “I think we’re a family now”.

Heartbeats crashed into his ribs like waves in a storm. He’d wanted this for so long, but not like this. Not with what had been done, what still needed to be done.

Aya looked at him with hurt open eyes, waiting for something. Anything.

Dread. All he felt was dread.

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    Frenchie over 2 years ago

    Dread... I guess most men may feel this when unprepared :-D Isaac made a big mistake.. He may be a killer but there is no way to know what a woman may (or can, or will) do when hormonal and feel hurt 🤣 I sense more trouble ahead :-D
    Good drabble, it is very real.!

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