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Wasteland Tales #62


The car falls in an endless moment. Surely it’s just shock that’s slowed time to a crawl. Surely her new metal heart can’t know despair, fear- helplessness.
A clear voice in her head.
“If this doesn't work- run.”
“If being eaten doesn't work?” Anger in her voice- terror gripping her chest.
The car is gone now. Static. Fragmented words.
Run where? Back through the hole? She’ll never make it without a distraction. Across the endless, broken plains of blackened earth and crawling air? Forever?
“How will I know if it’s worked?”
“…you..’ll... kn...ow.”
The great mouth slams shut on silence.

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    D.M. almost 9 years ago


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    Jonathan Mills almost 9 years ago

    Thanks for reading, more soon.

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