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Damn these testicles! Irritating, bouncy little morons. Always complaining, usually in the way, just stretchy enough so that they can easily get trapped in things. Zips mostly.
Men often get accused of thinking with their dicks. That’s not true- in fact, it’s bollocks. Opinionated, wrinkly, cheese smelling– they’re the bodies equivalent of the granddad who votes BNP and thinks women are devices for transporting breasts and sandwiches. And yet they still get power of veto over rational thought, decency and common sense, with their incessant chanting- VAGINAS! VAGINAS!
Even now they plot against me. Souring my thoughts.
Enough! To Google!

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    Jonathan Mills over 7 years ago

    Partly inspired by Samantha Bishop's drabble, Junket, partly by sitting down too quickly.

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