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Magic #230


Minerva woke to the sound of light tapping against the rock around the entrance to their small cave.

Outside, the wind was a howling, rage filled monster as it whipped across the shield she had erected across the wide opening. Sand rattled and hissed yet the small, light, tapping persisted. Off to one side a sand obscured shadow tapped gently. The shadow's head tipped to one side as she sat up.

Squinting through the sand, she reached out. People who gently knock were not usually the type to cause problems. Her hand wrapped around a thin arm, skin like paper.

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    Frenchie 3 months ago

    Hi Jeff, glad to see Minerva still going strong. I need to re-read the whole series as I missed a lot during the 5 months I was AWOL. And before that too. 😉

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    Jeff Taylor 3 months ago

    Yeah, still trying to stumble onwards. The named storms have not been good for the brain. Thanks for the vote! I hope you enjoy the read :) If you need a consolidated version, let me know.

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