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Snapped #1


Angela came to amongst a cacophony of blaring sirens and flashing red lights. She groaned and put her hand to her face, only to find a faceplate in the way so she couldn't put pressure on her head. Her blurred eyesight focused and she looked about the bridge.

The engineering console was smoking and Harold was slumped in his chair unconscious.

"Ship? What happened?"

++ 32 seconds after drive activation we encountered an anomalous spatial fold. Energy feedback damaged the drive and we were snapped out of hyperspace. Primary systems are offline. ++

"Where are we?"

++I do not know++

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    Christopher about 2 years ago

    I felt after reading that like I'd walked in ten minutes late to a movie!

    You really have to watch out for those anomalous spatial folds!

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    Jeff Taylor about 2 years ago

    Never be late for the movie!!

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    VerityAlways about 2 years ago

    Ditto what Christopher said. Could turn out into great series

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