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Magic #145


As they passed through the portal, returning to the hallowed ground of the monastery the bellowing of an angry honey badger filled the air.

"Where the blazes have you been boy!" Tamryn stomped across the courtyard. "What in hells teeth happened to our barn?!" He stopped as Amethyst squeezed through. "What!" He yelled at the fox. "Are you doing with a bloody dragon?!"

Barnabas opened his mouth to start. "Oh shut up boy! We have a situation here!" He turned. "You and you." He pointed at two monks. "Flasks and Candles" He turned back to Barnabas. "The lich escaped us."

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    Christopher about 2 years ago

    Tamryn is in a tiff! (This drabble as well as the previous one are both numbered 144. Just thought I'd let you know because the number will be one off from this point on.)

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    Jeff Taylor about 2 years ago

    Darn it!! :D

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    Jeff Taylor about 2 years ago

    OK, I've gone through all the subsequent drabbles and re-numbered them accordingly. At least it wasn't, like, a thousand of them like Neville might have had! :)

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