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Magic #113


Albrecht mounted his horse. Behind them, a mule carried his plate armour and other gear. His page boy mounted his pony and brought it alongside Sir Albrecht's massive shire horse. He beckoned to the boy.

"Boy. You cannot come with me."

"But sire! I must!"

"Not this one Fred." He patted the boy's shoulder. "This one is a wily beast, and very old. It's bested so many before me, and I won't underestimate it. The last thing I want is for you to get in the way."

"Sire... I..."

"I want you to return to the guild. Let them know."

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    Christopher about 4 years ago

    Finally got caught up. Really enjoying this, Jeff.

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    Frenchie about 4 years ago

    But... he wanted to go :-( aggghhh! not fun being a kid, sometimes.
    Catching up.

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    Jeff Taylor about 4 years ago

    Glad you're enjoying it. Albrecht's Page boy has an important job to do, informing the guild.

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