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Magic #83


Skaran nudged Barnabas as they walked towards the Aspect. "Is it my imagination, or does that look like a Chabbarat gambling dice?" Barnabas looked down at his companion.

"You mean die. Dice is more than one."

"Yeah, yeah. I know the singular, but no-one uses it. I'm not imagining it though am I?"

"No Skaran. You're not. it does look like one, except it's the size of a melon and glowing purple."

"Wonder why that is."

"IT IS BECAUSE I AM THE CONVERGENCE POINT OF TWENTY UNIVERSES RAT CALLED SKARAN." Before them, the ghostly image of a woman appeared.

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    Neville Hunt 6 months ago

    Fascinating! Twenty universes; that’s a lot... although if it had been 21 it would have been the sum of the pips on the die... but maybe I should try not to analyse it too much. I’ll be interested to find out more about her.

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    Drew Martyn 6 months ago

    Oh bloody Nora, there I was wondering what a Chabbarat (brilliant name, btw) dice looks like and the forces of the universe are suddenly released!!
    Superb sudden change of pace mate :)

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