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Magic #28


The Skeleton warrior slid its rusty sword from Tellerick's back and raised it to strike again as Kralla's roar of fury split the sudden quiet. Her sword slammed down through the undead warrior shattering bone, more like a hammer than a blade, as it went.

Quickly, Skaran grabbed at Tellerick's prone body and heaved him out of the way as more undead entered the, now blazing, firelight.

Behind Kralla, Barnabas grabbed at his bag and yanked at the slipknot holding a pouch to it. Paws shaking, he pulled out a small twist of paper and threw it into the fire...

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    Jeff Taylor almost 6 years ago

    Thanks Drew. Glad you're enjoying it. 😊

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    Neville Hunt over 5 years ago

    Great stuff Jeff! Hoping Tellerick will make it back... but in what form I wonder?

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    Jamie Clapperton over 5 years ago

    This is really good.

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    Jeff Taylor over 5 years ago

    Many thanks Jamie :)

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