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Morgana's eyes flickered open as she woke slowly. A shadowy figure moved above her, and she felt something pointed touch her chest. Her eyes flashed wide open as there was a word of exclamation, and the dull smack of steel on wood as, whoever it was, drove a stake through her heart.

She looked down at the protruding six inches of ash branch.

"While I must commend you on your accuracy. I must point out a small, but crucial problem." She sat up.

"I'm not a vampire. I'm a lich. And I haven't had breakfast yet. Let alone a coffee."

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    Neville Hunt about 5 years ago

    Love it Jeff! Maybe Morgana could breakfast on a coffee and a stake sandwich.

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    Jeff Taylor about 5 years ago

    Thanks guys. Just imagine the look on the Vampire Hunter's face 😉

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    Jamie Clapperton about 5 years ago

    Don't kill me I've brought croissants! :-)

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    Jeff Taylor about 5 years ago

    LOL, was that the guy's sidekick? A little "Hard work" reward? Thanks Jamie 😉

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