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"So how does this transposition drive work again?"

"In a nutshell, it tells the little bit of space that we're in that it's in the wrong place in the Universe. The Universe doesn't like that, and puts it where it's supposed to be. Moving us with it. Clear enough?"

"Yeah, sure, okay. Um, is it safe?"

"Well the chimp survived with no problems. And he went to Epsilon Eridani and back instantaneously."

"No harmful radiation or anything then."

"Nope. Nothing out of the ordinary."

"And how far was that?"

"Ten and a half light years. You're not nervous are you?"

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    Neville Hunt over 6 years ago

    Interesting concept Jeff. I’d be crapping myself.

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    Jeff Taylor over 6 years ago

    Thanks Neville :) And me too, whilst cackling like a mad-man ;)

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