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"Oh my Goddess! What the hell are you doing?"

"Pissing in the fuel cell. What does it look like?"

"I know what it looks like! For cryin' out loud."

"Oh don't be a sissy. It's not like you've not seen me naked before."

"You'll break the cell!"

"Stop shouting! It's a microbial fuel cell. Urine is easier to get hydrogen from than water. I'm just giving it a kick-start."

"I thought they only took water."

"Nope. Usually they're primed with commercial urine, but if you're in a bind... Come on darling, you're up next. Get your bladder over here."

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    George Stephens almost 7 years ago

    Good info if I am ever in need of a quick source of hydrogen! Entertaining and educational LOL.

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    Jeff Taylor almost 7 years ago

    Read an article on fuel cells. Apparently the ureic acid just helps the process of hydrogen release. Weird. Thanks for the comments :D

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